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The story of The Tanganyika Farmers’ Association Plc (TFA) is closely tied to the history of Tanzania. TFA has been one of the major stakeholders and most effective players within the agricultural sector in Tanzania since it commenced operations in the then Tanganyika, in 1935.

Initially established as a division of the Kenya Farmers’ Association Limited, in 1955 TFA was registered as a separate entity.

TFA has more than 4,800 members representing a cross-section of the Tanzanian farming community. From small landholders to large commercial farmers, from villagers’ to government farms, from family owned farms to co-operative societies, TFA truly represents Tanzania’s farmers and their communities.

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Business Management Training for TFA Staff

Two recently appointment members of TFA’s Trading Division, Martin Chadulaga and Method Mhagama, attended a CNFA sponsored, TAGMARK (Tanzania Agricultural Market Development Trust), 6 day Agro-Dealers’ training course at Kyela near the northern end of Lake Malawi. The course ran from 14th – 19th September. Both successfully completed the requirements of the Business Management Skills Training course and received their certificates which entitles them to participate as Agro-Dealers under the Government’s Kilimo Kwanza subsidy scheme. We congratulate them on their success!

Both Martin & Method are Sales Assistants at TFA’s Mbozi Sub-Branch & Mbeya Branch respectively. With the planting season just beginning in the Southern Highlands, they are now able help TFA’s small farmer customers source all their subsidised farm input needs at one of TFA’s outlets in Iringa, Mafinga, Njombe, Mbeya or Mbozi.

Foundations for Future Success

The Tanganyika Farmers’ Association has established ambitious plans for its long term success founded on the needs of its shareholding Members, Tanzania’s farmers and the wider communities in this country. Set out below are the key elements of the new Corporate Strategic Plans.

Strategic Vision

“To provide quality products and excellent service to customers, a fair return to shareholders, be the employer of choice and endeavour to bring prosperity to our suppliers, associates and the community.”